Poet in Bangkok Podcast

Donald and Colin

Poet in Bangkok is a hybrid interview and serialized storytelling podcast. Each episode, Donald Quist and I have conversations with artists (poets, drag queens, cartoonists, musicians) about their experience making art in Thailand. Each week, in addition to reflecting on the unfolding real-life drama of Thai culture and politics (the aftermath of a military coup, increased censorship, and a changing monarchy), Donald and I also weave an ongoing fictional story about manned missions to Mars, strange alien transmissions, and increasingly surreal events here on Earth. All episodes available on iTunes and Stitcher, and online at Soundcloud: while you can jump in anywhere, we recommend listening from the beginning of the series. 

Below you can listen to a selection of some of our most popular episodes: 

Episode 1: "A Way to Slow Time Down" with cartoonist Kathy MacLeod. 

Episode 5: "No One Wants To Be Fake Dirty Anymore" with party organizer and artist Note Pongsuang. 

Episode 10: "Have I Really Made A Thai Film" with British filmmaker Paul Spurrier

Episode 11: "Poetry Is Very Hard To Censor" with Burmese poet and artist Maung Day

Episode 14: "Just Make It Personal" with Maine-based Ethiopian Somali poets Rakiya and Ahmed Mohamed